Sunday, October 26, 2014

Reading Such Books

And of course reading such books can heighten your imagination!

Both images: Anna & Elena Balbusso

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Writer of Supernatural Fiction

Many a time, a writer of supernatural fiction will write most effectively so as to scare themselves. 
Many a time that works only too well.

Howard McCormick — Collier's Magazine cover 10-24-1908
This art published exactly 106 years ago 
(with the background color knocked out) 

Ghosts on Stairs

I've allus been afeared of ghosts on stairs. It's a phobia of mine.

Friday, October 24, 2014

A Little Halllowe'en-ish

Yep, it's always gotta be Sin mediating between Satan and Death...

William Hogarth — Satan, Sin & Death — somewhere in the 1700s

Actually, the story line here is a bit intriguing, as it emanates from Milton's Paradise Lost. Satan confronts the old guy, Death, who is blocking the way from Hell to Earth. Sin, in the middle here, reveals to Satan that she's his daughter...and get this...that Death is their incestuous child!

The engraving, below, is based on Hogarth's painting, losing in the translation, particularly in Satan's features. In the painting, Satan looks like he would if Peter Jackson were to film Milton's epic poem.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Oh, those vivid colors of Autumn!

William Welsh — Autumn 

If the Porch Light isn't On

If the porch light isn't on, 
you probably shouldn't expect candy for a treat.

Stephan Fabian

Odd Doings at Strathmore Manor

Ferdinand Staeger

Monday, October 20, 2014

More Autumn Loveliness

Frederick Sands Brunner — 1923

Autumn Sprite

It's such a beautiful Autumn day here. Thank you Sprite!

Margaret Tarrant — Autumn Sprite

Saturday, October 18, 2014

That Damn Bell

Art: After Alfred Rethel — Death as a Friend — circa 1885

Don't go asking who that damn bell is ringing for . . .
you just don't wanna know.

Hmm, I wonder how I could phrase that in a classier way.

The Horror that Awaits

Demons make for excellent gondoliers, especially for transport to demonically mystic realms. 

These folks think they're going to a costume party, little suspecting the horror that awaits them—unemployment with outrageously outstanding student loans to repay!!!

Babil & Bijou — circa 1900

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hell Island

Devils are part of Hallowe'en lore aren't they? Aren't they? C'mon, I need to justify including this way cool painting of a submachine-gun-toting-gangster-devil, because, well, because it IS a way cool Mephistophelian characterization.

Artist, year? I dunno. 
This art was used for an Argosy pulp cover 
somewhere in the '30s or '40s.

Not What She Seems

This is where I want the Hallowe'en party to be. You're welcome to come in . . . but will you ever come out? 

Beware, the nymph is not what she seems . . .

Ferdinand Keller — Nymphe an der Quelle

Specter in the Bronx

Some reading material for the season . . .

Ghost Stories — March 1930