Monday, October 20, 2014

More Autumn Loveliness

Frederick Sands Brunner — 1923

Autumn Sprite

It's such a beautiful Autumn day here. Thank you Sprite!

Margaret Tarrant — Autumn Sprite

Saturday, October 18, 2014

That Damn Bell

Art: After Alfred Rethel — Death as a Friend — circa 1885

Don't go asking who that damn bell is ringing for . . .
you just don't wanna know.

Hmm, I wonder how I could phrase that in a classier way.

The Horror that Awaits

Demons make for excellent gondoliers, especially for transport to demonically mystic realms. 

These folks think they're going to a costume party, little suspecting the horror that awaits them—unemployment with outrageously outstanding student loans to repay!!!

Babil & Bijou — circa 1900

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hell Island

Devils are part of Hallowe'en lore aren't they? Aren't they? C'mon, I need to justify including this way cool painting of a submachine-gun-toting-gangster-devil, because, well, because it IS a way cool Mephistophelian characterization.

Artist, year? I dunno. 
This art was used for an Argosy pulp cover 
somewhere in the '30s or '40s.

Not What She Seems

This is where I want the Hallowe'en party to be. You're welcome to come in . . . but will you ever come out? 

Beware, the nymph is not what she seems . . .

Ferdinand Keller — Nymphe an der Quelle

Specter in the Bronx

Some reading material for the season . . .

Ghost Stories — March 1930

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Spooky Stupor

Autumn—late afternoon or evening is a delicious time to pull out an old anthology of ghost stories or a supernatural mystery. After dinner, you can read yourself into a spooky stupor where the narrative melts into a dream state and you're not sure if you are awake or asleep as you feel icy fingers caressing your neck.

Delphin Enjolras — early 20th century
Enjolras' favorite subject matter was a woman 
reading or writing by lamplight.


This time of year seems perfect for Druidic Rituals . . .

Sorry, again I don't know the artist or source


Spiders are a part of the traditional Hallowe'en mash-up, and I despise spiders. Yet, I'd pay good money for a steampunk brass spider like this guy (if I had good money)...(which I don't). Steampunk and Hallowe'en seem like a fabulous match.

Sorry, I don't know the source of this creation.

Like Some Forlorn Ghost

The old cemeteries are wonderfully spooky celebrations of peoples' lives — with spacious tombs, sculptures that mourn,  and tombstones that portray the deceased, as here. 

It was spooky to stand in front of this tombstone, knowing that this gentleman's 200-some year old bones were 6 feet under me, even as he glowered like some forlorn ghost.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Changing of the Colors

Let's start the countdown with some Autumnal imagery. 

Frank Godwin (Looking ever-so like Maxfield Parrish)

The Spooky and Strange

Autumn is my favorite time of year, as it is for many. It's a time of embracing melancholy, a time of acknowledging decay and our own mortalities. It's bitter and it's sweet.

©Thomas Haller Buchanan — Autumn — 2014

This year I was going to refrain from posts about Autumn and Hallowe'en. But with encouragement from my cyber friend Tam B, I've decided to really embrace the theme, as my archives are bursting with eclectic images that demonstrate darkness, death and decay, yet many are sparked with accents of light and love. 

I avoid horror and violence in my collections, but I adore the spooky and strange. Some of my images may not be obvious to the theme, but resonate with me in some way. 

This will be my countdown to Hallowe'en. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Favorite Kind of Princess

A madcap princess is my favorite kind of princess!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Swell Lookin' Frail

A swell lookin' frail in a semi-Art Deco-esque sort of way...

Edward Mason Eggleston — circa 1933