Monday, April 14, 2014

Damnable Hour Glass


When I was a little kid, watching Wizard of Oz, it was those damned flying monkeys that scared the spit out of me. Now when I watch, it's that damnable hour glass running out of time that gives me nightmares.

Time is nearly up for Kickstarter, and even though we're not going to make the goal, it would be nice to close out at a few more percentage points to gain a little moral support.

If so inclined,
 please click here.


Tam B said...

I already kicked in! Will you still be able to use what you did raise? There's no way of extending the deadline?

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Kickstarter famously says, "All or nothing at all", meaning not a penny unless the goal is reached. No way to extend deadline once the campaign has started. We are allowed to start all over, but phew, unless I knew that more people would take an interest, this has taken a lot out of me. Lowering the financial goal isn't easy because so much of it is to pay for the rewards, fees, taxes, etc, needing enough to pay for the actual project. In other words, if I lowered the goal it would mostly pay for rewards, fees, taxes, etc.

Thank you Tam B for your pledge and support. You won't be charged. If somebody kicked in a thousand bucks right now, they wouldn't be charged either, but they'd be giving me moral support. Ah well.